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At Spotted Recruit we have assisted over 100 US and European tech companies to build their startup teams in Japan. Entering the Japan market is not easy and global companies need local talent in order to make their Japan operations a success. Most of our clients who are new to the region look for experienced sales professionals with key contacts in their target industries as well as customer facing engineers. Working for this type of company usually involves reporting overseas whilst facing Japanese customers, so business level communication skills in both English and Japanese are often a must.

Traditionally a country where entrepreneurship is seldom seen, Japan has recently experienced a massive increase in the number of well funded innovative tech startups popping up.

Spotted Recruit works with almost 200 Japanese tech startups who are looking for Engineering, Creative, Sales, Marketing and Executive talent. Most of our startups look for people passionate about technology who relish the challenge of wearing multiple hats and are excited to build something innovative.

Working for a Japanese startup will provide you with unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else -- you’ll be part of a fast-paced, energetic team and be given responsibility that you wouldn't normally get to have in a big corporation.

At Spotted Recruit, we are genuinely passionate about tech startups. Our team isn’t concerned by how many people are in your company, or how well designed your office is… our recruiters get excited by startups looking to disrupt industries and create something special.

We capture the passion and energy that you have for your own startup and approach appropriate candidates with the same level of excitement.

Our recruiters are specialised by profession and we can provide you with specialist points of contact focused on Backend, Frontend and Full Stack Engineers, as well as Pre/Post-Sales Engineers.

Japan is a unique market that requires local knowledge in order to identify the right candidate. In a business culture where deals are often based on the strength of a relationship, making sure you have the best people in place to represent your company is critical.

Whether you are a Global or Japanese startup, our team of experienced bilingual recruiters are able to understand both the expectations of a tech startup as well as the right candidate criteria that will help them achieve their business goals.

Our non-engineer recruiting team has dedicated points of contact that support hiring for Sales, Marketing, Back Office and CxO level positions and understand the type of profile that will succeed in a startup.


  • Permanent RecruitmentSpotted Recruit has been providing permanent recruitment services to tech startups since 2016, and has successfully supported over 250 professionals* into permanent positions across Engineering, Sales, Marketing, CxO and Back Office. We actively support tech startups in all sectors, with particular strengths in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, FinTech, Telecom and Online sectors.

    *Based on period June 2016-January 2020
  • Cloud Recruiting PlatformSpotted provides RepoTenshoku, a combination of an ATS and Jinzai Shokai Service. The platform aims to replace and automate much of the admin work carried out by recruiters in order to help speed up the process. By using Cloud and RPA technology it enables our recruiters to have more time to source for candidates, helping us to provide a higher volume of candidates.The service requires a monthly fee, plus 1,000,000 yen flat commission for hired candidates.
  • StaffingSpotted Staffing is a fully owned subsidiary of Spotted K.K. which handles Haken recruitment. The service best suits large tech companies, or companies with large tech divisions, who are looking to hire on a large scale but want to minimize risk but hiring on a short term basis.

    Haken is suited for project based and support employees working in IT Engineering, Project Management and Back Office positions.
  • Software Development ServicesSpotted’s inhouse Software Engineering and Design team are able to take on client projects. Our team have experience handling Website Development, Web Application Development, Hybrid Mobile App (HTML5, JavaScript), Project/Product Management Consulting, Programming Training, Design and Copywriting.

Why Spotted?


OF CANDIDATESwe introduced got an interview


OF OUR CANDIDATESgot an offer from our clients


OF OUR CANDIDATESchose to accept given offer
Eiji Hirata
Eiji Hirata
Scrum Masterスクラムマスター

If you are searching for a new position, the position that you wont be introduced by other recruitment agents, this is the place to contact and register. After checking and discussing my experience and requests,Spotted Recruit has introduced me a position exactly matching my wish. They work closely with their client companies to provide extra information.


Fernando Ribeiro
Fernando Ribeiro
IOS EngineerIOS エンジニア

Spotted really helped me to find an opportunity that matched with my profile, in a short period of time and direct to the point, they provide me the best in all steps of my selection process. I'm very thankful to meet Spotted


Rogerio Martins
Rogerio Martins
UX/UI EngineerUX/UIエンジニア

Through Spotted, I've got an offer that made me decide to leave a huge and global tehnology company in favor of a small, but global, startup. I'm really glad to have taken that decision. The opportunities and satisfaction I have now are very much higher.

Spotted Recruitを通じて、大手グローバルIT企業を退社し、小さいながらもグローバルなスタートアップ企業で働くことを決心させてくれた内定をもらうことができました。現在の仕事の幅や満足度が以前よりもっと高くなったので、この決断をしたことを非常に嬉しく思います。

Karuna Murti
Karuna Murti
Senior Engineerシニアエンジニア

I think Spotted Recruit is a very nice recruitment firm. Their strength is in their ability in describing jobs to candidates and following up with both the candidate and client side extensively.

Spotted Recruitは、とてもいい転職エージェントです。ただ話をして紹介するのではなく、企業についての細かい説明をしてくれたり、私の希望を親身になって聞いてくれたりしてくれました。また転職後のサポートもしてくれました。

Server Side Engineer サーバーサイドエンジニア

I decided to work for the company because Spotted Recruit has been very supportive for me. I think the company is perfect for me and it is all because of my agent's hard work. He gave me not only the basic information such as salary and what the company does but also the atmosphere and what kind of project they were going to work on and the schedule. He is a very good agent and you can trust him.

入社先企業は、私の趣向に大変マッチしており、また選考の過程では、面接に対する大変具体的なアドバイスをはじめ、給与交渉や日程調整において先方の温度感やプロジェクトのスケジュールまで加味した上での具体的なご提案やご対応を頂くなど、大変きめ細かく、的確、迅速なサポートを頂きました。Spotted Recruitは、大変秀でた信頼のおけるエージェントです。

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